Fiberglass Flooring by Patio Design

SELECT fiberglass balconies are composite panels for exterior use made by laminating fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) to a core of Douglas fir plywood. Balconies SELECT are installed on the balcony structure and screwed from below, making it possible to obtain a completely waterproof patio. The tops of SELECT balconies are textured with silica sand to make the surface non-slip. Colors in the standard model are gray and beige.

SELECT balconies meet the requirements of the National Building Code-Canada 2005, if our installation standards are met.


The layouts of patios, terraces and fiberglass balconies have several advantages: optimal resistance, minimal maintenance (water and soap), extended lifespan. The malleability, the versatility and the large choice of colors and formats, added to the affordable aspect of the material, constitute an option perfectly adapted to the budgets and to the climatic variations of Quebec.

The Patio Design team offers several ranges and models of balconies, patios and fiberglass terraces, made of panels specially designed for the exterior.

Available colors

Fiberglass 110Fiberglass 110Fiberglass 120Fiberglass 120Fiberglass 130Fiberglass 130
Fiberglass 140Fiberglass 140Fiberglass 150Fiberglass 150Fiberglass 160Fiberglass 160
Fiberglass 210Fiberglass 210Fiberglass 220Fiberglass 220Fiberglass 230Fiberglass 230
Fiberglass 240Fiberglass 240Fiberglass 250Fiberglass 250Fiberglass 260Fiberglass 260
Fiberglass 270Fiberglass 270Fiberglass CarbonFiberglass CarbonFiberglass GrayFiberglass gray
Fiberglass KakiFiberglass KakiFiberglass SableFiberglass Sable


  • Robust and lightweight material
  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Custom cuts and sizes
  • Vast choice of colors
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to insects and mold
  • Resistant to frost, fire, ultraviolet rays and fading
  • Extremely easy to maintain
  • Preferred choice of several building owners

In summary

Whether for a patio, balcony or deck, fiberglass siding is preferred for anyone looking for a simple, turnkey, affordable and hassle-free solution.

WE love

Its prodigious ease of maintenance (water, soap, brush), its foolproof impermeability, its versatility, the almost endless possibilities of layouts, sizes and colors.

Patio Design - FiberglassPatio Design - Fiberglass

Patio on 2 floors by Patio Design inc. Patio on 2 floors by Patio Design inc. Patio on 2 floors by Patio Design inc.