Goodfellow Terra

(New, less toxic treatment, offered since 2004)

To replace CCA-treated wood, the market now offers the treated lumber which is significantly less toxic, as its preparation is made from other chemicals. We find the treated alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) or copper azole (CBA), proven products for over 15 years wood. However, depending on its use and the degree of resistance to degradation, this wood can be 15 to 35% more expensive than CCA-treated wood. The purpose of this treatment is to protect wood against insects, fungi and other microorganisms which might cause mold.

CAQ - CA-B - ACM treated wood

Treated wood combines all the advantages of a natural and affordable solution, high-end style and an irreproachable level of durability. Whether it benefits from an alkaline quaternary copper (CAQ), copper azole (CA-B) or micronized copper azole (ACM) treatment, factory-treated wood is an economical solution that does not in no way sacrifices its noble and rich appearance.

This is why treated wood is often the first choice of homeowners, who entrust the selection and installation to the Patio Design team, everywhere in the greater Montreal area, including on the South Shore and the North Shore.

This solution is also preferred for commercial and recreational purposes, as well as in several infrastructures and public spaces (parks, walkways, alleys, docks, etc.). While some ranges contain more chemical elements, current technologies and processes favor a more eco-responsible approach, which encourages a significant reduction in the environmental footprint. Treated wood lives very well in water, which helps to preserve a natural cachet that is often sought after, especially for the construction of a floating dock.

Terra treated and stained brown wood floor by Patio Design


  • Several ranges adapted to different budgets
  • Resistant to insects, termites and fungi
  • Resists rot and mold
  • Wide choice of materials and preservatives
  • Compatible with all types of layout, design and environment
  • Durable up to 40 years with proper care and treatment
  • Reduced environmental footprint, in several stages

In summary

Treated wood is a classic, timeless, which has proven its worth with presence for decades. An economical solution, which for many is the best of both worlds. Once recognizable by its green tint, it can now be found in a more reddish hue, giving it a more natural look from the start.

WE love

Treated wood is affordable and comes from a renewable resource, while the very nature of the material, combined with regular maintenance, encourages sustainability that minimizes the environmental footprint.

Patio on two floors by Patio Design inc. Roof terrace by Patio Design inc. Roof terrace by Patio Design inc.