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Exotic woods


Teak is a semi-hard, oily and durable wood species. This essence is golden brown in color and requires careful maintenance for maximum appearance. The fibers are straight and stiff, possessing a tight grain that is easy to work with and a very smooth finish. This essence contains a natural oleoresin which makes it extremely resistant to the harshest climatic aggressions and which gives it a very long duration over time. Very durable and of very good quality, teak comes mainly from India, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand and Burma, depending on the variety. This tree can measure from 27 to 30 m and have a diameter of 1.5 m.


IPE is a very hard, very durable and fire resistant wood species. Dark olive brown in color and requires regular maintenance to ensure an incomparable quality of finish. This tree species comes from the tropics of South America, from Mexico to northern Argentina. This excessively durable wood species can last almost 50 years, which is exceptional for wood.

Coming from exotic countries, Ipe wood is, without a doubt, in a class of its own. Beauty, durability, high density: nothing can resist it, whether it is the eyes of the most demanding or the sudden changes in climate in Quebec. Perfect for the development of urban, elegant and racy terraces, on the ground, on a roof terrace, or around a swimming pool, the absolute chic of Ipe wood simply places it in a category of its own, out of the ordinary.

This precious wood is part of a native tree species (Tabebuia) found in the tropics of South America, from Mexico to Argentina. Renowned for its resistance, it can be recognized by its dark colors, with a slight touch of orange, which immediately evokes the richness of this exceptional essence, which Patio Design delivers and installs throughout the greater Montreal area.

Ipe flooring


  • High prestige solution
  • Strongest wood on the market
  • Longer life than other wood species
  • Perfect for saunas, spas, showers and outdoor platforms
  • Unmistakable finish and variety of natural dark shades
  • Smooth and completely free of roughness
  • 100% natural and without chemical additives
  • Resists stains, mildew and rot
  • Against termites and insects
  • Naturally fire resistant
  • Versatile and easy to install
  • Minimum maintenance

In summary

Supreme luxury for terraces, patios, balconies, pergolas and other prestigious outdoor installations, the choice of Ipe wood is ideal for owners who wish to take advantage of the riches of a noble and natural material, out of the ordinary, which will resist fashions. , weather and bad weather.

WE love

Its beauty, its personality and its solidity. Ipe wood can last 50 or even 100 years. We appreciate its assertive character, its nobility, its ultra-chic appearance. Also, the fact that its properties, its consistency and its longevity outclass treated wood, cedar and even composite wood. In short, a wood apart, for a world apart.

Exotic wood by Patio Design inc.