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Services d'ingénieurs

Patio Design inc. offers its customers the opportunity to get plans signed by engineers. Our engineers are involved in the design plans and structural quote, offer you diagnostic and inspection of your home, and ensure the viability of a project. Experts from Patio Design Inc. are able to ensure public safety while respecting the environment while providing safe and innovative construction solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional.

Our multidisciplinary team works closely with you and others involved in the project, which offers a quality service, turnkey, where all specialists working under the same roof for effective coordination. Our experts in structure involved the following:

  • Preparation of plans and specifications
  • Certification of structure plans
  • Structural analysis
  • Modification of structure
  • Legal expertise
  • Certification by engineer
  • Approval of workshop drawings
  • Preparatory studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Studies of costs
  • Technical surveys
  • Building and terrace design
  • Structure and foundation
  • Attestation of Conformity

The team of Patio Design Inc. offers engineering service key in hand. Rely on our experts! Our past achievements and our varied expertise will make a difference at the completion of your project.