Custom Inground Pools Installation

Turnkey and hassle-free solution for your pool

Thinking of buying an inground pool to enjoy the summers and have a good time with family and friends? The resurgence in popularity in Quebec can be explained, among other things, by the ever-hotter summer temperatures, and longer periods to fully enjoy the pool.

However, when investing in a swimming pool, saving in the short term is rarely an informed choice. An inground swimming pool requires a high degree of care. Its installation is complex, especially since it involves a significant investment.

Patio Design offers a complete and complementary professional experience, resting on very solid foundations. You will benefit from this type of constant, secure and flawless service. If you're going elsewhere because of the price, be prepared to ask a series of questions and make sure you cover all of the realities and risks of this delicate purchase.

Inground pool: dig the questions!

What is your access to electricity? With running water? How will your swimming pool be heated? What will be the condition of the site upon arrival and departure of the teams? Have you planned everything?

Think of:

  • Specialized excavation in case of surprise
  • Quality or severity of the soil (rock, weak or friable, blasting or backfilling)
  • Strains (removal or tearing)
  • Modification of underground conduits
  • Electricity and connection

Installation steps for an inground pool

Quote for your inground pool

Call one of our experts and request a home visit for a free quote.

Do you notice a price difference between two comparable estimates? The thickness of the concrete, the amount of rock or the quality of the materials are not always visible. Quality is your best investment. Beyond the comparable price, this crucial aspect guarantees you genuine quality, free from unpleasant surprises, through the years and decades.

Patio Design works with its own teams. Its inventory and constant concern to be a leader in Quebec is equal to that of providing you with peace of mind. This is visible from the start of the project, until the moment you leave the site, leaving everything clean, in order and ready for your first swim.

Visit of the expert appraiser to your home

The expert's visit to your residence will cover several issues: access to the land, topographical assessment, size, arrangements, delivery methods, construction, installation, and deadlines.

Your pool must comply with provincial and municipal rules, be completely safe and obtain the necessary permits.

With Patio Design, you will enjoy a one-stop-shop access to the pool of your dreams and to amenities that reflect your lifestyle, your aspirations, and the experience you are looking for.

Construction plans: in-ground pool

The production of detailed professional plans including a site plan, a construction plan and a landscaping plan will be carried out upstream of the work.

This step will help you accurately determine the actual cost of your inground pool project. It is also necessary for obtaining compulsory permits.

Permit for inground pool

You will need to apply for an in-ground swimming pool permit from your municipal planning department. If necessary, we can perform this step for you, at an additional cost.


In some cases, we must demolish certain infrastructures: above-ground pool, shed, etc. This step requires tact and specific expertise to operate properly, while respecting standards, the soil, the neighborhood, and the steps to come.


Carried out on site, the marking serves as a beacon when welcoming the Patio Design excavation team. This precision work defines the location and shape of the pool in your yard. Underground services (wiring, piping, conduits) are indicated and marked on the ground, to facilitate and secure the excavation work.

Excavation of the inground pool

Digging a swimming pool is as important as it is delicate. The ground can present certain constraints requiring deploying the right means, at the right time, with the right tools. Patio Design has the equipment, machinery (shovels and trucks) and expertise to minimize the impact of its footprint on your entire lot.

Digging is a perilous exercise, and sometimes costly in the event of bad encounters, for example with electricity or water networks. At the location request stage, preceding the excavation, the Patio Design team works in collaboration with the Info-Excavation team. This non-profit organization is essential to process requests for the location of underground infrastructures.


Since the pool's filtration and heating pipes are buried in the ground, we ensure the proper installation of the fittings to deliver optimum performance.

This includes the installation of the discharge nozzle, the surface skimmer and some connections with the pump and filter. Also, the bottom drain, from where the pool water is sucked, to the filter or to empty it. A swimming pool's circulation system requires filtration and sanitation to keep the water both clean and crystal clear. Hence the importance of this delicate step.

Electricity and gas

An electric line will connect your house to your swimming pool. If you want to connect a fireplace or a BBQ and have a natural gas connection, the Patio Design team will also facilitate this step. During this phase, an inspection of the electricity and gas works will validate the quality of the work.


Rock dust laying and soil compaction serve to stabilize and solidify the soil before the construction of the inground pool. The right materials and the right equipment will make all the difference.

Installation of screw piles

This complex operation requires high level expertise. Specialist in the installation of screw piles, the Patio Design team incorporates robustness and resistance to any test, including against the effects of winter. Your foundations will be stable, waterproof, and free from cracks.

Anchored deep in the ground, the screw piles for inground pools by Patio Design support the most ambitious projects.

Construction of an insulated formwork pool

The ideal solution to combine quality and ability to weather Quebec winters, the pool in insulated formwork from Patio Design comes with certain steps:

  • Mount the walls of the formwork
  • Pouring a concrete foundation, which is like building the foundation of a house.
  • Make the formwork for the steps and the bottom of the pool. The depth and curve of the bottom, as well as the quantity and size of the steps will be your choice.
  • Take steps before applying the liner to the steps, bottom, and walls of the pool. Here again, this work requires great precision.

Pool liner

Before the start of the work, you will have had the opportunity to speak with your Patio Design representative to determine and then order the desired canvas model. Its installation is delicate, to avoid gaps, air bubbles and pierced areas.

Layouts, landscaping, and finishing

By the time your pool is being dug and built, crews are already at work to begin construction, coating, paving, landscaping, fencing and preparation.

Everything is also planned to ensure a careful and efficient withdrawal of equipment and teams. Our goal? That you enjoy your swimming pool as quickly as possible, without any other worry than to deliver you a refreshing summer.

  • Sustainable solutions, adapted to the climate here
  • Range of materials for all styles and budgets
  • Large collection of products available in warehouse

With Patio Design, enjoy peace of mind

You want to quickly enjoy your pool, we understand that.

With our turnkey solution, you get peace of mind. So rather than juggling an array of contacts and suppliers, flexible hours, last-minute cancellations, or unforeseen postponements, you'll be talking to one person. Your project manager at Patio Design, responsible for monitoring your file.

This synergy also saves time, because for several days, a real logistical ballet will be activated around your swimming pool under construction.


Residential swimming pools and security: did you know?

Since July 2021, the Quebec government has implemented new rules and standards for the development of residential swimming pools. To find out more about them and to find out more about the safety measures to put in place when installing a residential swimming pool in Quebec, click here

Obviously, the Patio Design team makes sure to deliver in-ground pools that comply with all these rules and measures. Because always, we are committed to reconciling safety, quality and refreshing summer.