Torrefied wood is created from a treatment process at high temperature on green wood or dried wood. In this way , the temperature of the timber is raised by means of heat and steam to 100 ° C and then gradually up to 130 ° C. The steam is used to prevent the wood from cracking and action of this process chemically alters the properties of wood, reducing its moisture content and making it virtually zero. Thereafter , once the moisture content decreased, the temperature is increased between 185 and 215 ° C for 2 to 3 hours and the steam is used so that the timber does not burn. Once reached the desired properties , the temperature is reduced with a water spray system , then packaging and moistening the wood are performed to achieve a moisture content greater than 4 % . Thus , rather than incorporating a chemical timber , the latter is heated in a controlled atmosphere , which has the effect of eliminating the nutrients feeding insects , fungi and molds.

Thus treated wood ceases to be an environment conducive to the development of these parasites. In addition, after machining, it acquires a color and a smooth finish that enhances its appearance. Splinters become a thing of the past! The hardness and dimensional stability of the material are thereby significantly increased. In return, the heat-treated wood loses its elasticity, which limits its potential use in the construction field, especially with regard to structures and frames.

Following this treatment, the wood density becomes lower than that of untreated wood, so it is recommended to use torrefied wood for building structures. Moreover, this method reduces the ability of water absorption, increases the weather resistance and rot, improved stability of wood and provides a uniform color to the room.

Despite all this, torrefied wood requires execution of particular pose. Ordinary screws can be used to work this type of material. It will instead use self-tapping screws or perform drilling holes to prevent the wood from cracking.

Overall, the torrefied wood is a natural product free of chemicals..